Friday, January 16, 2009

ITEP: Welcome to Hawaii & Tonga

On December 12, 2008 we were welcomed to Hawaii by Elder and Sister Jensen ITEP missionaries on their way home to Hyrum, Utah, and Elder and Sister Salvensen, BYU-Hawaii ITEP coordinators for the South Pacific. We paused in the Haiku Gardens near a Banyan tree:283 A delicious dinner was served on the veranda at Haleiwa Joe's above the Haiku gardens: 293 We stayed in this lovely cottage the first day in Laie near Hukilau Beach:092

From the cottage looking left towards Hukilau Beach:Hukilau Beach looking left from beach houseOur 2nd house (top floor) for the rest of the week was directly across the street from Hukilau Beach.

We spent the rest of the week across the street from Hukilau Beach


137 To the right of our beach house is Laniloa Point:138The Lizard Story: Lailoa, The Mo'o 123Laniloa Point 127 125BYU-H Education Department where we were trained by the Salvesens and BYU-H facultyBYU-H Educ. Bldg. The original Hukilau Cafe, where Elvis Presley came often while filming in Hawaii, is a favorite with the locals just off campus. Try the scrumptious mahi-mahi burger! 132The night before flying to Tonga we had dinner at Jamesons by the Sea with the Salvesens, his assistant Lisa and her husband Joseph. Lisi's entire village of Samoa joined the church when she was a little girl. The baked shrimp and crab with cheese as well as the Mahi-Mahi were exceptional.145Christmas time at the Visitor's Center and the Laie Temple094 101 Visitor's Center in HAHawaiian Temple

143 A day at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) in Hawaii: 105120 111 Sunrise over Honolulu from the airport window as we depart for Fiji 3000 miles away.

Before boarding plane to Fiji

The first sign of land since leaving Hawaii 6 hours and 40 minutes later.Almost to Fiji 157 Arrival in Fiji:167 Departing from Fiji for Tonga169First sightings of Tongatapu, Tonga:Tonga

173 175

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Trees in Tonga

Our duplex is directly in behind the large palm tree. The Sings are on the right of it behind the small palm tree. Note the temple spires.

These kinds of beautiful trees welcomed us to Tonga on December 21.