Friday, March 6, 2009

Tonga on Market Day (Saturdays)

Kids enjoy the swimming hole next to the Purple Store:127 The Purple Store is known for its great NZ ice cream--Passion Fruit is especially good!The Purple Store The storage containers from the ships have arrived at the Purple Store. There were 9 huge containers this day!003 We were at the "Twin Towers" store when Elati Maile, an employee, rushed right up with a basket for me to carry groceries. He proudly stated, "I'm a Momon!" The people is are so kind and gracious on this island. This store features large frozen bags of turkey tails! No, we didn't buy them. Vegetables and fruit were plentiful for the first time in weeks at the outdoor/indoor farmers market. Tongans have their own small farms and raise their own vegetables and fruit. They eat lots of root vegetables such as tapioca, taro, breadfruit, and a variety of yams with little seasoning. Leafy green vegetables are often difficult to find.052

051 Vegetables and fruit are sold by the pile. This is the farmer's market indoors. Their green beans are yummy!049

048 We buy quite a few vegetables from this Chinese girl: Cucumbers are always good, eggplant is the first we've seen and Chinese spinach:050 These fans are made from the coconut leaf, and the several kiekie on the tables are handmade and worn over the skirt for women. Yes, I'm planning to buy one to wear for Sunday and special occasions:kie kie are worn over the skirt for women.  The fans are made from coconut leaves. This sister is making a broom:047 These kinds of brooms are used in the homes and classrooms:054A Tongan uses a child's dress to cover his head---anything works I guess. :) When they're out in the sun we see shirts, towels, baby clothes, anything attached onto the head as a cover to keep the sun off their faces.057 Our favorite bakery is Cowley's: Our favorite bakery is Cowley's The missionaries shopping across the street in a tiny American store where we look for treasures from the mainland such as pasta and spaghetti sauce. It was a rare treat to find some dried pinto beans that day!059 Home from the market, Elder Hawley changes into his P-Day clothes and goes to retrieve a coconut on the Liahona High School grounds. He threw it into the tree--see it above his hand--to retrieve another but missed: )077The Chinese pink takeaway store is across the street from campus. Surprisingly, you ask for it and they have it--from an umbrella to Cream crackers (like Saltines that stay crisp); or "cough candy" (cough drops) to a loaf of bread. How about that car? It reminded us of Cason's!091 Looking into one side of the pink takeaway store:099 'Line Kioa is one my cute Valiant Primary girls at the Pink Store:096 White plumeria flowers from our backyard tree in honor of Brenda's birthday. The smell is as enchanting as the flowers!084

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Heather said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog! I am a Young Women's President in Macomb, Illinois and for camp this year our theme is "A Whole New World." Each ward and branch in the stake (Nauvoo Stake) is supposed to choose a country to represent at camp and our ward has chosen Tonga.

I'd like to make a kiekie to wear at camp. Do you have any idea how to do that? I've found lots of places that say it can be made lots of different ways and with a variety of materials, but I was wondering if there was a pattern out there anywhere that I may be able to follow (something crocheted maybe?)

Thank you for your blog and your service!