Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Bit of Nuku'alofa, Capitol of Tonga

Elder Hawley and I are on our way to Havelu Middle School near Nuku'alofa, the Capital of Tonga.  This is a common sight:002 We pass the the country estate of King George Tupou V where he lives when he's in Tonga.The king's country palace We stop at an ANZ (ATM) for some Pa'anga (Tongan dollars); the gas station attendant there keeps busy:Gas attendant at an ATM service station Typical cemetery near Havelu Middle School with colorful quilts to honor the deceased: 003  These two policemen had such charming smiles until I took their picture (near American store).  But, having your picture taken is serious business!003 Bananas anyone?  Unloading them at the market in downtown Nuku'alofa.001This is the Parliament Building where all the schools  join in a parade with the king in May to celebrate Parliament Day.Parliament BuildingWe continue our walk past the Treasury and the Post Office012The Nuku'alofa Post Office is behind this huge Monkeypod tree: Post office behind moneypod treeMonkey Pod tree in downtown Nuku'alofa before traffic (7 a.m.)We walk by the side of the Queen's summer home in downtown Nuku'alofaQueen's summer home in downtown Nuku'alofa Bougainvillea blooms throughout the islands:Bougenvillia blossoms Walking up a hill in downtown Nuku'alofa--yes, a real hill where an ancient battle took place.Walking up the hill, the highest point downtown. Walking down the hill in downtown Nuku'alofa.Walking down the hill Tongan Army Headquarters:Tongan Army Headquarters Nuku'alofa030 Palm tree seed pods:Palm tree seed pods Nuku'alofa's one radio station:034

035 Elder Sing's  fan is woven from one leaf of a coconut tree:Elder Sing's handy fan woven from coconut tree palm Sphagnum Moss hangs from the tree:sphagnum moss hanging from a tree The burial place of King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV who died in 2007 King's burial site in downtown Nuku'alofa 047 The Free Church of Tonga in Nuku'alofa:049 Yes, there's a church on every corner!  054 Tongans love to have their pictures taken.  They wear black when they are in mourning.  Close relatives of the deceased wear very large funeral mats--some so large that they go up to their heads. Tongans love to have their pictures taken--looks like there has been a funeral. Piggy, piggies:  Piggy, piggies We're warmly welcomed to the LDS Pakilau Middle School by Luti (Lutimela Ahokovi) a new principal this year.  Luti:  A Pakilau WelcomeIt's report card day as students & parents at Pakilau smile greetings.  Pakilau Middle School kids live in the bush--the country.Pakilau Students and parents--report card day-- English OnlyTongan broom at Pakilau Middle School:  Students and teachers are responsible for cleaning their own classrooms.  All LDS church school kids wear green and white uniforms.Each teacher has a broom for her own classroom.  This office broom is at PakilauKids riding home after school (not one of our schools) wave their greetings .  Kids on the way home from a Tongan school wave as we take their picture.

There's an LDS chapel in every village, and there are lots of little villages on this island!One of many LDS chapels Lots of colorful cemeteries throughout the island!018 Double hibiscus flowers on a shrub near a clothesline next door:Flowering double ----- near a backyard clotheline next door010


Survivor of Seven said...

Today after conference, they had the rerun of KSL's presentation on Tonga. Got to watch part of it again and thought of you there. Lara also watched it and called to night ready to go on a mission to Tonga. We all want to be there with you!

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