Friday, June 12, 2009

Tongan Classes Celebrate Their Culture:

It's end of term and students  in the Tongan classes at Liahona are being judged on their craft projects and dances.  Sione Tafuna, principal of Liahona High School, demonstrates that up to 6 sticks from the Tongan broom could be used to discipline students once upon a time.  Brooms are made from the ribs of  coconut tree fronds.Principal of Liahona HSShort brooms are for indoors, and....Short Tongan broom for inside sweepingLong brooms are used for sweeping outdoors.  They are attached to the pandana stick with a bicycle inner tube.  Works well!089Wooden Tongan head rest/pillow (center) and map of Tongatapu: Tongan pillow; map of TongatapuTa'ovala, a woven waist mat, is worn by men and women as a sign of respect095 Kiekie (kee-eh-kee'eh) is a handmade elegant work of art worn by women over a long skirt:073093071083Fans for the hot summer daysFansTalking chiefs are men who represent others in ceremonies.  This talking stick would be for the village noble or talking chief who speaks for the king in each village.  This Liahona student carved the stick:Talking stick An octopus lure: (President Monson tells the story)085Handwoven basket and hair pins:087 Elder Hawley and I enjoyed the students performing Tongan their dances at Liahona.  Stunning costumes are handmade.  The girls lavish their arms, legs, and hands with a generous amount of coconut oil before performing.  001 Tapa cloth dress pounded from mulberry leaves: Tapa Cloth Dress026

Vika, the Liahona Middle School principal is a delightful, beautiful dancer! 

 017028These guys are good!  033 036 038040 These beautiful girls were featured in the Tongan Chronicle.  The fresh leaves are smoothed with coconut oil to make them glisten! 056061 Creativity at its best!

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Rachel said...

So when you come home your going to show us all how to make them right. They are so beautiful talented people.