Friday, February 19, 2010

Part 2: Cyclone Rene Pounds Tongatapu

Palm tree in front of our Liahona house #24003

House in village of Popua before Cyclone Rene:047 After Cyclone Rene: 048 019052 053 Most of the banana crops, mangoes, and breadfruit on the island were destroyed.  The bush from our back  yard:  026 008 044_thumb1080 Many homes lost roofs:  039026050 027Huge trees over 50 years old were uprooted:064 096 003 094Ferry is pushed up onto the reef by Category 3 Rene: 091 Old Tonga is severely damaged:038_thumb[2]098033_thumb1Very sad pig!  Where are the little piggies?045 067 Mary Pope ponders the power of the ocean that brought five waves up to 90 feet high through their house, sweeping away gardens and depositing 2-3 feet of sand everywhere.  Caring villagers from Fatumu and our Liahona student ward went right to work to dig them out—Helping Hands to the rescue!   Albert and Mary Pope have reached out and rescued others many, many times on this island.124125Lolo is certainly a “Mr. Fix It”127 129 Albert and Mary’s narrow beach with protuding coral rock BEFORE the great storm:022 Albert and Mary’s beach is transformed AFTER Cyclone  Rene:107105   117Who will man the boats?  We must each be rescuers for those lost in the storm.  We must each be the life boats.  We are the armies of Helaman!   Missionaries 0382_thumb

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