Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Days, School Days

Summer Break :  November and December 2009 brought graduation, Awards Assemblies and Summer Break for the CES schools in Tonga.    Nia, superb principal of Havelu Middle School, leads her teachers and students with a Christ-like love.  [BYUH Interns with Nia.]006Lovely twosome, Monalisa and Ina, smile greetings from Havelu Middle School:Monalisa, teacher and Ina, Librarian at Havelu Middle School The Havelu Middle School Christmas party, prior to summer break, was celebrated in fine style.  Nia surprised Elder Hawley and me with a “Running with the Bulls” Award!   Hmm!  Wonder why?   035Lutimela Ahokovi, the gifted newly appointed principal of Pakilua Middle school, held an outstanding end-of-the year Awards Day for students and parents.   Lutimela Ahokovi Elizabeth Ramsey was Student of the Year  3 times at Pakilau Middle School.  She is now attending Liahona High School as a scholarship recipient.  Lavenia (honored guest and principal of Havelu Middle School) gives her a Tongan kiss:Elizabeth Ramsey, 3xstudent of year at Pakilau058 Some of our talented Pakilau Middle School teachers at the closing awards program in November--Kalisi, Vaivalo, Tupou, Folola, Mele and Satini:Kalis, Vaivalo, Tupou, Folola, Mele, SatiniInoke and Moana Kupu were honored guests at the Pakilau Middle School Awards Assembly. Pres. Kupu, formerly the CES Country Director in Tonga,  is newly appointed principal of Liahona High School.  Moana, a caring teacher, is now counselor for the three CES middle schools.Inoke and Moana KupuMele and Lita smile greetings at the Form 7 graduation dinner sponsored by the Liahona Alumni:077 Meanwhile, Sione Tafuna, Liahona HS principal, danced  his farewell prior to  teachers placing leis on him:Christmas Break Goodbyes 082 A goodbye to our dear friends Semiti and Sera Leqakowailutu now retired school teachers.  Sera is a superb English teacher.  They were here at Liahona for 6 years and have now returned home to their family in New Zealand.TheHawleyswithourfriendsSemitiSera_tLiahona graduates of 2009:  Tapa cloth and beautifully woven mats provide ambience.  The talented Jorgensens taught at the high school for three years and were soon to leave us.  104 Liahona High graduates 2009 Inoke and Sione award the graduates their diplomas:Inoke and SioneJANUARY 2010 BROUGHT BACK-TO-SCHOOL PRECIOUS MOMENTS:    [ITEP missionaries enjoy an evening out]015During summer break in November and December, Elder and Sister Checketts invited us to help them develop a career guidance program for the Church Education Schools of the South Pacific.  They are highly qualified to develop programs and train counselors.   The pre-school training sessions for about 100 teachers in the CES middle schools and high schools of  Tonga were a success.   What a joy it is to work with these gifted principals, teachers and students whom we love so much.  We hope to make a difference in the lives of those we teach.059I especially like the school theme chosen for 2010 Pacific Area schools.  Joshua 1:9  Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord they God is with thee withersoever thou goest.  Silent Applause013 Middle School teachers

006  The last weekend before school began at a secluded beach near the blowholes…no need for swim suits when it’s more convenient and modest to swim in their clothes.  Kids enjoy Umu BeachSister Checketts and I shouted for joy when the blowholes spouted during low tide one Saturday:Umu beach at the blowholes  A beautiful pathway leads to Umu beach.  010Ofa ‘atu to Elder and Sister Checketts who are now serving in Vava’u, then Samoa, Kirabuti and Fiji as they continue training counselors for the CES schools in the Pacific.  [Elder Checketts performs his silly magic to the delight of the Liahona students at the farewell party.]  061

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