Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eua Island: Our First Trip

Pilot gives last minute instructions for flight to Eua Chathmas Pacific pilot prepares us for brief 6 minute flight from Tongatapu to the small island of  Eua. 

Leaving east coat of Tongatapu for Eua We fly over the east coastline of Tongatapu towards Eua.

297 Destination:  EUAAloine Havea meeting us at EuaAloine Havea, principal of the church middle school in Eua, is there to greet us.

President Felengi Havea and his daughter with Elder Hawley Aloine's husband, Felengi Havea, is the stake president of Eua.  He was 31 when he accepted the call two years ago.  As a result, Aloine gave up her one-year scholarship to BYU-Hawaii where she could have received her BA degree.  Feleni was called as the stake president 3 weeks before they were to fly to Hawaii.

Ocean from Eua's rock garden The ocean as seen from Eua's scenic Rock Garden

Eua's coral rock garden Eua's coral rock gardens...

Water Reservoir in the hills of Eua w/ Pres. Havea Feleni takes us to the water reservoir in the hills of Eua

Eua's water supply never runs dry in the mountains there Eua's water supply in the mountains never runs dry.

Aloine picks some guavas for lunch Aloine picks some guavas for lunch.  The fruit is delicious!

Yum!  Guava fruit

080 113 From the ocean looking back to the Hideaway where we stayed in Eua. "Wild Jungle Beast" from the bush at the Hideaway.  Billy Goat Gruff?Our room #4 in Hideaway at EuaRoom #4 at the Hideaway where we'll stay when we spend time in Eua training teachers--no hot water, of course.037124The sun sets in the ocean west of the Hideaway in Eua.

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