Monday, February 9, 2009

P-Day with Haircuts, Peanuts, Sugar Cane, & the Beach

106 The scissors fly when Elder Heimuli cuts Elder Hawley's hair in his sing song way...probably took him about 3 minutes.  Hmm, wonder what they're discussing?080

Our once beautiful avocado tree....108 had a haircut too!  Elder Heimuli did a great job for Elder Sing, but  perhaps Elder Hawley and the avocado tree  had a bit too much taken off the top.

The Barbershop--Elder Heimuli's barberElder Heimuli's barber in Nuku'alofa who cut his hair when he attended Liahona High School. 

Across the street from the bakery waiting for haircuts His barbershop is across the street from the bakery in downtown Nuku'alofa.  These kids are watching their brother get a haircut.  Tree The banyan trees on Liahona campus are kept trimmed to avoid damage to structures during the hurricane season.

035There were 3-4 men up in this tree cutting away.  One Tongan was so proud of his handiwork that he wanted to pose. 


Peanuts  from the Bush Peanut vendors in the Bush.  Peanuts We like peanuts!  They can be boiled in salt water, baked in the oven, or eaten raw.  Sister Hawley prefers them raw.Sugar Cane Vendors Sugar cane with its natural sugar is great to chew on and it whitens and cleans the teeth as well, we understand.  Work in progress.Tapioca root Elder Heimuli peels tapioca root from the market.  Tastes much like a potato when boiled... quite good!Out on the coral reef Later, after going to market, we spent the afternoon at the beach and walked out on the coral reef.

Elder Heimuli grilling breadfruit Elder Heimuli grilled some bread fruit and peeled it.  Bread fruit is often called "The Tree of Life" called by the Saints here because it bears fruit year round.  001 003Breadfruit tree on campus.  Breadfruit when fried is delicious...similar to potato chips.  It is used much like a potato--baked, boiled, fried, or grilled.

Check out his trusty knife! Elder Heimuli never goes far without bringing his trusty knife--puts Elder Hawley's pocket knife to shame!

115 Elder Heimuli peels the breadfruit and wraps it in a banana leaf to keep warm.Wrapping breadfruit in banana leaf to keep warm

Never go without your knife when preparing food 107 White flowers at the beach

Flowers at the beachCrystal's little guy The Heimuli's grandson--Crystal's little adopted boy enjoys the senior missionary couples at the beach!SunsetSunset at the beach lingers  in Tonga.  Yes, that is blue sky!  And a glorious display continues:028Sunset from the beach





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