Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Beginnings--Nuku'alofa, Tonga December 2008

115 We were greeted with cheers and waves from President McMurray, his children, and the Thompsons.

112 (2) Our friends, Elder and Sister Sing from the MTC were there too.Liahona high school entranceLiahona High School campus entrance welcomes us to our missionary homeRainbow on our streetRainbow on the street where we live.

Our home in Tonga

We love our house #24 on Liahona campus.  Kitchen and dining area This is our kitchen and dining area.


We're learning to enjoy these little guys in our living quarters.  Gecko lizards love the bugs we hate!  Ants..........

Living Room Our living room with TV has no reception.

Nuku'alofa Temple Our backyard neighbor is the Tongan temple--we enjoy Thursday evenings here.

045 Typical home for young elder missionaries on the islands.  This is one of the best in Tongatapu!Washing day with pvc pipe

Washing clothes in plastic buckets with pvc pipes--one wash and 3 rinses before hanging on the fence.

Cleaning up our palm tree--school is across the street Pruning the seed pods from the palm tree in our front yard.

086 Our first visit to the blowholes just a few miles from Liahona---and this wasn't high tide!  Some missionary couples take their walk from Liahona to there and back.

Sitting among the pandana trees

We enjoyed the ocean view as we sat under the Pandana trees.  They're sometimes called Polynesian paint brush trees because when the fruit falls off and dries it can be used like a paint brush.

Beach golf w/pandana sticks & tennis balls--Elder Hawley & Elder Thompson & Asst. to President Elder Lyon

Christmas day late afternoon and evening at the beach with the missionary couples and the mission office elders.  Elder Hawley and Elder Thompson play a round of golf with tennis balls and pandana tree sticks as Elder Lyon looks on.Pres. and Sister McMurray (Makemelli)  President and Sister McMurray (Makameli) on Christmas day at the beach.

029A Christmas day sunset

015 Captain Cooks Landing on the Friendly Islands.  My, what a tale!  You'll enjoy the story below.

Capt. Cook Landing From the red Christmas tree Tree blossoms on Liahona Campus in December.  How blessed we are to serve the Lord here in the South Pacific, and our dream continues. 


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